Enjoying the aftermath of an inspired performance

Enjoying the aftermath of an inspired performance.

Barbara’s schedule for fall 2016 is full.

Connie Kim-Sheng is accepting new students on Fridays. Click here to learn about Connie; contact Barbara to register.

As a classically trained pianist, Barbara’s teaching style is firmly grounded in the rich tradition of classic piano pedagogy. However, while the content of the lessons is consistent with tradition, Barbara’s methods incorporate fresh and current pedagogical practices.For example,  lessons incorporate many styles of music (including jazzy and popular), music theory is taught through games played on the floor as well as through drills and writing exercises, and there is a balance of learning music by ear as well as by reading. Barbara searches for and creates ways to engage each individual student’s strengths and interests.

Barbara’s style offers an enriching learning experience for dedicated students of all levels. Performance is an important part of the curriculum and to this end students participate in studio recitals and the National Piano Guild Auditions.

Private lessons are offered by semester, with a 16-week fall and winter semester and a shorter spring and summer semester. Students must have access to a piano or keyboard outside of class, and are expected to spend time on practice (and play!) between classes. Parents are an important part of the piano lesson as well – for younger students it is very important that the parent is able to attend the lessons and support the student at home in establishing a routine of piano practice and play.

Lessons are in East Arlington, near the intersection of Broadway and Everett – very close to the Thompson School.

Summer lessons are scheduled “a la carte” instead of by semester, so that family vacations and other activities can be taken into account.   Barbara accepts new students in the summer with the understanding that if there are new openings in her schedule during the school year, they will be at the top of the waiting list in the fall. There is a three-lesson minimum for new students, no minimum for continuing students.